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Bespoke Pinot Noir

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This beautiful pinot noir from Sonoma Coast is a real treat and we recommend saving it for a special occasion…or not! With a little age on it (2013 vintage), the tannins and fruit notes are well integrated into the wine and the result is an elegant dry Pinot Noir similar to a French style Pinot.

About the wine

Grape: 100% Pinot Noir

Region: Sonoma Coast, CA

Tasting notes: Ruby in color, extending to pink at the edges. Strong opening notes of cherry and licorice, with a long finish suggesting black current. Remarkably well balanced in sweetness and acidity.

Food friends: Red meat, poultry and cheese


About the winery

Founded in 2011 by a small group of New York based restaurant professionals with one goal in mind: to further showcase the emerging “True” Sonoma Coast and its uniquely challenging vineyards. Through certain twists of fate, and one provocative wine seminar, Carroll Kemp was enlisted as winemaking consultant. Their vision is clear, the fruit-sources are impeccable, and the winemaking philosophy is a minimal human intervention to let the “True” terroir expression come through.