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A light & dry Pinot from Chile with a splash of Tempranillo that adds a fun spicy touch! It’s delicious with a little chill on it and we also love that it’s made with organic & biodynamic grapes by heritage micro-growers. Very different from typical CA Pinots this will definitely please anyone who appreciates a dryer Pinot Noir with no oak!

About the wine

Grape: 78% Pinot Noir / 22% Tempranillo

Region: Central Valley, CHILE

Tasting notes: A fruity, youthful wine bursting with flavors of cherry, cranberry, pomegranate, and a touch of vanilla & clove.

Food friends: Check the back label ;) Pizza, grilled meat & veggies


About the winery

Trasiego winery’s husband & wife team works with heritage micro-grower families on 7-14 acre estates with lot-specific vinification to preserve the character of each site. The winery is certified sustainable and is also currently in the process of obtaining its organic & biodynamic certifications. Bernedetta Johnston (wife) is the winemaker behind this specific vintage of Light & Lively (2018). Yay for female wine maker wines :) 


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