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Part of the all-natural-lady winemakers-Vinovore collection, Sssupermoon is a 100% Centesimino chillable red from Randi winery in Italy. The rich aromas of Centesimino join together two unique features: the passion cultivated with patience and the renowned lively mood of Romagna wine makers. Only a small group of wine producers is qualified for the production of this wine, simple but elegant and very sought-after.

About the wine

Grape: 100% Centesimino

Region: Emilia-Romagna, ITALY

Tasting notes: A dry chill able red with pomegranate seed bite and a white pepper cherry-herbal crunch that still vibrates in your mouth with an intense and persistent finish long after it’s gone.

Food friends: Sunday gravy, red sauce pasta, mushrooms all ways and spicy food.


About the winery

Randi is a family owned winery located in Emilia-Romagna region of northern Italy and run by mother and son. The estate has always been focused on sustainable agriculture and indigenous varietals and is now practicing organic farming. The Vinovore collection is focused on Ancestral methods of production, a natural approach to winemaking that belongs to the area for centuries and characterized by minimal intervention in the vineyard, spontaneous fermentation of indigenous grapes, unfiltered and low sulfite wines, produced in limited quantity while respecting nature and traditions.

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